HH Human Resources Services cc will develop a full Induction programme to suit the company’s needs.  Each function and department of the organisation will be included in the program.  This will require us meeting with relevant department managers or heads and summarising the salient points into a point form presentation. 

The entire program can then be taken over by the client and handled by themselves, or HH Human Resources Services cc will present the Induction program on a consultant basis.

All policies and procedures – related to the entire organisation - will form part of the induction as well as the company supplying handouts for new staff, lunch, tea and water during the Induction program itself.

Company material remains company property at all times. 

HH Human Resources Services cc will ensure a register is signed by all participants which may be needed in disciplinary or CCMA cases. A report on the days events and the responses from the new employees will be submitted to the client within 24 hours of the close of the Induction program.