The contents of policies and procedures are based on the minimum legislation as prescribed in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and any other Acts as passed by the Government. Research regarding the contents of the policies is undergone and confirmation of specific facts are made before any policy is printed off for the client and its employees.

These policies and procedures are tailor made to the client companies requirements and drawn up in such a way that they are in line with the outcome of Union negotiations and what has been agreed upon between the Management team and the Union.

HH Human Resources Services cc will ensure that your policies and procedures remain updated in line with legislation and undertakes to make the necessary changes where necessary.

Any changes that need to be undergone, will be discussed and  permission received from an authoritative employee at Management level, to update these when and where necessary.

The final process of presenting the policies and procedures will be discussed and signed off by the client before the work starts and will be submitted as per the clients specifications.