Recruitment and Selection.

Dealing with both permanent and contractual placements of individuals in any industry, specialising in Pharmaceutical, Medical and Hospital arenas.  We also service any other industry from the Vaal Triangle to Pretoria, from the East Rand to the West Rand in any position, from tea lady to CEO.

We aim to ensure the possible match between clients specifications and candidates CV’s at all times.  This is achieved by building strong and lasting relationships with all our clients to understand the corporate culture and the environment in which the candidate will be placed.

Our interview process is thorough, done in great detail to attain maximum information. The Targeted Selection process is used and full reports supplied on each candidate. MIE Kroll checks are submitted where required, this helps to  ensure honest and integral candidates are appointed.  All legislation is adhered to in the highest degree.

Fees charged by HH Human Resource Services cc are flexible to ensure our clients needs are met together with an outstanding service from us, at all times!

Policies and Procedures.

The contents of policies and procedures are based on the minimum legislation as prescribed in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Labour Relations Act and any other Acts as passed by the Government.

These policies and procedures are tailor made to the client companies requirements but remain in line with legislation and with outcomes of Union negotiations.

HH Human Resources Services cc will ensure that your policies and procedures remain updated in line with legislation and will make the necessary changes where required from time to time.

Disciplinary and Poor Performance Hearings.

Should a client require an impartial Chairperson to hear a Disciplinary or Poor Performance Hearing, HH Human Resources Services cc provides such a service.

The fairness and impartiality during the entire process of the hearing procedure is guaranteed.  A full comprehensive pack of documentation is drawn up after the case has been heard and penalty given, should the matter be referred to the CCMA.

CCMA Cases.

HH Human Resources Services cc will represent our clients at a CCMA case and prepare all packs of documentation required for the case to represent them accordingly.  This representation is done at the stage of conciliation only.


HH Human Resources Services cc will develop a full Induction programme to suit the company’s needs and requirements.  Full discussions around this program are discussed with parties concerned and needing to participate.


HH Human Resources Services cc will assist in retrenchment processes, starting from the commencement phase of the process and see the entire procedure and process through to its end phase. 

Retrenchment processes will be handled according to the companies Policy and Procedure and ensure they are also in line with the LRA to ensure fair and honest action during this process.

Administration Projects.

HH Human Resources Services cc will assist in any administration projects that may be required to be performed due to overload, time constraints, emergencies and the like.  These types of projects include the outsourcing of Leave, Training processes, Skills Development projects, Job descriptions or any other administration project that needs urgent attention.